Amy Taylor’s Coronavirus Survival Guide

“If your way of being a rebel and fucking up society is to fuck yourself up, that’s just like cutting your dick off to spite your balls. Like, what are ya doin?” – Amy Taylor, Amyl and the Sniffers

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Breeeeeathe Cunt! (Wim Hoff) 

I did Wim Hoff heaps on the first lockdown. That hit pretty hard and that’s when everything got cancelled and shit. I was going through some personal shit and I was like, ‘Fuck, everyday feels like a million hours!’

I somehow saw one of his YouTube videos and was like, ‘This sounds sick!’ I grew up in Mullumbimby before I moved to Melbourne so I’m kinda on top of all that crazy shit. I picked up that app thing he had and you do the breathing and it’s so sick! It opens the brain and makes everything focused and clear. Getting air indya you forget how simple but soooo fucken sick it is. 

Ultimately, it made me heaps calmer and more focused. You know when your thoughts feel like 13 people trying to get through one door at the same time? You do the breathing and it’s like they’re going through one at a time and no one gets stuck and everyone is welcome. It just organises your thought more and brings you back to earth. 

Moooooove Cunt! (Exercise)

Exercise and movement is like my favourite thing in the whole world. I do YouTube workouts with this fucking bitch – it’s called Mad Fit. It’s cardio, high-intensity, full body workouts, like squats and shit – get the booty good and all that. I love it. It’s so sick. 

I have to work out or I go crazy. I think everyones like that whether they admit it or not. I also go for heaps long walks and shit. We have such good access with the internet and shit so there’s all these free workouts so you don’t have to pay for shit. 

I love dancing, too. I chuck on music and just dance for a bit, like African dance music from the 70s and shit, which is real fun. I love Mickey Avalon, the dirty shit: ‘whip out the my dick and get down.’ Love Cardi B, heaps of shit.  


Editor (Smivvy): I was listening to Joe Rogan talk to a neurologist the other day who explained that the rhythm for life is to simply toggle between urgency and relaxation. In other words, you have to work yourself hard physically, then relax, then work yourself hard physically, then relax. And that’s just what you’re supposed to do your whole fucking existence on this planet. 

It makes it sound pretty simple. If I think about all the times in my life where I’ve been real fucked in the head or whatever it’s usually when I’m going too hard one way; I’m working way too hard or partying way too hard. Or I’m not doing anything, I’m being lazy. 

Goooorn, have a cold one! (Cold Showers)

Wim Hof’s real supportive of cold showers and ice baths and I have a cold shower everyday. That’s another thing that’s huge for me. It brings you back to earth and shows you you’re resilient; things that are uncomfortable, you can do ‘em and it’s not gonna kill ya. In fact, it will make you stronger, especially in winter. 


I just moved out, but before I was living in a shed out the back with shit heating. I’d have to go from the shower outside to the shed. It was so cold but the cold shower was good for my brain to be like, ‘Yeah that’s painful and shit and you can do that and that’s fine!’


People get so conditioned that they’re afraid to do things that are uncomfortable or out of their comfort zone or something that’s hard. Our system is designed to make things as easy as possible. Something like that, which is super small and simple, it’s like: ‘Na, do something fucked bitch and you’ll be fine.’ 

We’re too sensitive cos we never have to get out of comfort zone so things like anxiety and stress seem way bigger and way more hectic than they are because we can’t have a cold shower or have one thing missing. Obviously I’m super lucky I’m not like going hard or anything but something like that is good for the brain space, like, ‘Na, you can get through fucked shit. You’re tough. You’ve got it in ya.’

Get Pro Tips (Therapy)

Therapy is definitely helpful. I’ve been seeing a therapist recently cos I’ve been going through an insanely rough time personally. And it makes such a difference. It feels so much better cos you’re not relying on your friends. I know it’s different between males and females in a lot of ways just cos of society and shit, but I feel like you put a lot of pressure on your friends to try and support you constantly and that can’t always be a thing. You’ve gotta get your own independence and go to a professional to talk about things your average civilian can’t help you with. And that’s totally fine. 


I can be pretty staunch and put up heaps of walls and shit cos I mean, stuffs hard to talk about. It feels pretty vulnerable and that’s hard to do. But if you’re ankles broken you’re not gonna get your mate Bryce to fix it. You’re gonna have to go to the doctor. And it’s the same shit except the mind is more important. 


Our body’s fucked anyway, it’s just our transport in life. If we’re not looking after our brain everything is going to go to shit or not be as good as it can be. It’s super easy to forget that. When you’re in it, I reckon it’s the last thing you can remember. All the simplest shit, like being a human, you just forget all that. Once that goes you gotta get to somebody and just figure out. 

Meditate Ya Mutt! (Meditation)

I do that kinda shit for sure. I’ve been doing this grounding meditation on YouTube and it’s sick cos the bloke’s Aussie. With a lot of guided meditation it’s some English bloke or whatever, but this guy sounds real Aussie and shit so it’s comforting in another way. It’s called Grounding Meditation by Ken Mellor. 

That’s sick for me cos my brain is like goin’ for it so if I have someone in my ear telling me what to do it’s better. I haven’t practiced it heaps so it’s good to have a guided one. 


We’re never taught any of this! You’re never shown it, like in telly, in fucken school, in your social groups. It’s a rare thing to experience sensations like gratitude – like on ya birthday for a cake or something – It’s not something you’re reminded to do or shown how to do and you’re not shown that it’s important either. 


Sometimes gratitude can be used a bandaid for shit instead of working through it but that’s where meditation is good. It gives you time to go there with all the negative shit and go, ‘Okay, what’s actually useful, what’s not, how can I think about this and process it?’ Then I can go into the grateful part, I’ve done that introspective shit and now I can talk about what I’m actually grateful for or dually talk about what I’m grateful for while figuring out any negativity shit. 

Psyche Up and Have A Fucken Crack! (Music)

I’m into Slow Thai, this Grime artist from the UK. We’re only allowed outside for an hour in lockdown so I smash the most hectic shit while I can. Jungle Pussy is another one. She’s a sick bitch. I think she’s from New York and her lyrics are insane, like real fun but she’s real staunch and feminist and like just fucken smart. Her phrasing and what she talks about is sick. She’s got a real good backbone and knows who she is. That’s good to listen to cos you’re like, ‘HELL YEAH!’

Jungle Pussy has this lecture on YouTube where she goes to a uni and talks about the importance of eating healthy and how it’s good for your brain. That was inspiring. I didn’t eat healthy but now I eat pretty healthy. It’s lighthearted but she’s not preachy, she’s just a sick cunt straight up. 

Jungle Pussy is a vegan. If she’s going to the studio she’ll pack a lunch and shit. She eats heaps of veggies and heaps of raw shit. She’s like, ‘Why would I put trash into my body? If I put trash in my body I can’t use my brain as good.’ 

She knows America doesn’t care about her life, they just want her to live to eat but she wants to eat to live. I think it’s important that any kind of marginalised people do as much as they can to stay healthy and strong and powerful, and it’s a actual solid way to combat authority and its sick that Junglepussy as a black women encourages that. Same as bands like Bad Brains and Dead Prez .

Be A Good Cunt (Take Care of Yourself and Your Community) 

I think lots of different ways about shit, I’m definitely not stuck in anyway. I’m not judging anyone whose into drugs and getting fucked up. That’s sick, do your thing. But in the end, I love being strong and shit. I love being as strong as I can. Life is so fucken short you gotta try and experience it as much as you can. You gotta have that fucken balance between going hectic and going chill otherwise things get all whack and you’re not serving anyone. You’re not even serving yourself.

If your way of being a rebel and fucking up society is to fuck yourself up, that’s just like cutting your dick off despite your balls. Like, what are ya doin?

I love getting rowdy, and I love getting cooked, and getting pissed but I also love working insanely hard and respecting my brain and being strong and healthy and not wanting to shoot my fucking face off in the morning. 



It’s kinda weird when ya think about it how there is this weird stigma attached to eating healthy and looking after yourself. It all comes back to peer approval. Like, ‘Awww, people care so much what their friends think or what people in other bands think, or whatever.’ They care so much what other people think but can’t even eat their fucken veggies! It’s fucken crazy. 

But even my mindset can be like that. I’m like, ‘Ah fuck, I’m such a hippie or shit. For females especially, I’m like awww, I’m watching my weight. That kind of shit. You’ve just gotta push through it and be like I feel good when I feel healthy. I still like a bit of KFC don’t get me wrong but the majority of the time it’s gotta be a treat. 

Don’t Be a Pig (Diet)

It’s tough at the moment cos I wanna eat healthy but I’m also like, ‘fuck the world.’ So I’m a bit both, I dabble between the two. Comfort food and healthy food are both sick. But just eating veggies is so fucken sick, it makes you feel a thousand times better. On tour and shit all you eat is sausage rolls and shit from the servo. It just fucks with your head. You feel like one dollar and you’re like, ‘This is fucked!’ 

When I’m home I love stir fry with veggies and salads and shit. You can exchange ice cream for yogurt. You don’t have to be a fucked cunt it just makes you feel way better. 

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