The Revolution Will Be Internalised

There is a revolution underway and it will not be televised, as Gil Scott Heron famously predicted. It will be internalised. 

The advent of podcasts, working in conjunction with quantum leaps in science, and a host of altruistic actors, is creating a deepening well of of information that has enabled everyone, regardless of race, class, gender, or sexual preference, hack their biology and function better.*

As the human species grapples with a period of unprecedented uncertainty and volatility – ranging from climate oblivion to fake news, and dietary manipulation to dopamine addiction, we are increasingly losing control of our bodies and minds. 

Technological advancements, dietary tweaks, and manipulative advertising, all underpinned by a ubiquitous profit motive, is warping the human mind, body and spirit in ways many of us are yet to fully comprehend. 

The information revolution, delivered by the convergence of podcasts and the internet, is handing us the keys to our biology back, enabling humans to restore themselves to their evolutionary design and glory.

The ramifications for our species as a whole are significant, overwhelmingly positive, and arriving not a minute too soon.

The better we get at understanding our biology, the easier it becomes to see the various modalities of profit-motivated manipulation for what they are. In turn, we feel better, more empowered, and our direction as a species becomes more cohesive and coherent. 

Podcasts have been described as the biggest revolution in information technology since the printing press was invented in the year 1450, and for much the same reasons. The Gutenberg printing press changed western civilisation in ways that are still being felt today. By reducing the cost of books, as well as the time and labour required to produce them, information was made freely available to the masses, who had previously relied on religious and ruling elites to disseminate it for them. 

By circumventing the gatekeepers of information, a fertile, accessible new culture of ideas and theories was created. The crowning glory of which was a community of cutting edge scientists who were able to use the printing press to communicate their ideas through scholarly journals. This in turn spawned the scientific revolution, which advanced western civilisation in incalculable ways. 

With the arrival of podcasts, the world’s top scientists have once again joined forces and found away to communicate their cutting-edge data and findings to the broadest possible audience easily and free of charge. 

Prior to the proliferation of low-cost, easy to use podcast technology, media channels and technology had been co-opted by unscrupulous, profit-motivated moguls such as Rupert Murdoch, Jeff Bezos, and many others. As a means to generating traffic and ad sales, they shamelessly sowed seeds of division, appealed to humanity’s most base instincts, promoted polemicists, manipulated truth, deliberately misled the public and derived income from a host of dirty revenue streams, including the petrochemical industrial complex, sugar industrial complex, military industrial complex, pharmaceutical industrial complex, gambling industrial complex, and so on. 

Podcasts have bypassed these traditional gatekeepers. Understanding their reach and the responsibility that comes with that, the independent voices on the vanguard of the information revolution have made a concerted effort to challenge one another’s beliefs and elevate the people, and knowledge, that can best heal the divisions sewn into society by the previous generation of unscrupulous gatekeepers. In the process, they are empowering everyday people where it matters most: their insides

A key feature of this information revolution is the relative political neutrality of its key actors. They are concerned not with ideology but data, science, and biology. Among the leading revolutionaries is American neuroscientist and tenured Stanford professor, Andrew Huberman. He has joined forces with the podcasting monoliths Tim Ferris and Joe Rogan to reach the broadest possible audience, and now has his own podcast, featuring an endless array of ways to hack your biology for the better.

Dr Rhonda Patrick is another on the frontline of the new information revolution. The American biochemist has spent her career researching ageing, cancer, and nutrition. Her groundbreaking work includes studies of how vitamin and mineral inadequacies impact metabolism, DNA, ageing, and whether supplementation can reverse the damage. She has appeared on several other leading podcasts, including Joe Rogan, and has one herself. 

American neuroscientist, philosopher, best-selling author, and longterm meditation practitioner, Sam Harris, is another titan of the genre. In his signature, data-driven, deadpan style, he tackles a broad range of topics spanning neuroscience, moral philosphy, religion, meditation, human violence and rationality. Above all he is concerned with how a growing understanding of ourselves is changing our sense of how we should live. 

Other leading voices in the podcast landscape include best-selling author, trauma survivor, and bio-hacking enthusiast, Tim Ferris; computer scientist and MIT Artificial Intelligence researcher, Lex Fridman; and science and wellbeing journalist and author, Dhru Poroit, among many, others. 

*Language might be he only barrier for entry. All of the podcasts mentioned below are in English 

Published by Jed Smith

Journalist with 15 years experience across every major news outlet in Australia.

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