Is Planned Obsolescence Humanity’s Worst Invention?

If you’ve ever visited a landfill, contemplated carbon emissions, complained about a faulty product you just purchased, or pitied the plight of poorly paid workers in developing countries, you’ve been touched by the controversial design concept known as Planned Obsolescence.  “The idea that manufacturers – and producers of goods – deliberately make goods that haveContinue reading “Is Planned Obsolescence Humanity’s Worst Invention?”

Sounds of Asylum: Salim and Sammy Recount Their Harrowing Escape From Afghanistan

Sounds of Asylum was a podcast pilot commissioned  – though never published – by Vice back in 2018. It recounts the harrowing escape from Afghanistan by two Hazara men, Salim and Sammy, only to land in a detention centre off the Australian coast, before eventually being allowed into the country on a bridging visa. TheContinue reading “Sounds of Asylum: Salim and Sammy Recount Their Harrowing Escape From Afghanistan”

The Revolution Will Be Internalised

There is a revolution underway and it will not be televised, as Gil Scott Heron famously predicted. It will be internalised.  The advent of podcasts, working in conjunction with quantum leaps in science, and a host of altruistic actors, is creating a deepening well of of information that has enabled everyone, regardless of race, class,Continue reading “The Revolution Will Be Internalised”

Poison, Pills and Rubbish

Nike, Adidas, Reebok – what do these names mean to you? What images do they conjure? Is it athletic brilliance? Fashion? Is it Michael Jordan or Serena Williams? Lionel Messi or Floyd Mayweather? I bet it’s not shin splints, blown knees, and busted feet. But it should be. Turns out running shoes are a totalContinue reading “Poison, Pills and Rubbish”

Rise of the Feminazi or Something More Sinister?

Among the more startling findings from early US election data is that 55% of white women voted for ex-President Donald Trump.  According to US exit polls – generated by a consortium of major media organisations, involving interviews with a representative sample of thousands of voters – white women (55%) were only slightly less likely thanContinue reading “Rise of the Feminazi or Something More Sinister?”

Behind The Veil of American Fascism with Robert F Kennedy Jr

The American capitalist regime will surely go down as one of the most murderous, duplicitous and hypocritical of all time. While declaring themselves the world’s foremost defenders of liberty, freedom and democracy, consecutive US governments have enabled dictators all over the world to do slaughter and torture with impunity to the tune of millions ofContinue reading “Behind The Veil of American Fascism with Robert F Kennedy Jr”

Poverty Vignettes: Is This What ‘White Privilege’ Looks Like?

To anyone who grew up white and poor, the new-age political theory of ‘white privilege’ is as baffling as it is galling. While it is true that black and coloured people disproportionately fall into the working and welfare class brackets, the fact remains that many white people also live in poverty. This is not toContinue reading “Poverty Vignettes: Is This What ‘White Privilege’ Looks Like?”

Whatever Happened To The 15 Hour Work Week?

The radical technological advancements witnessed in the 20th and 21st centuries led many leading economists to predict a drastic reduce in working hours. This hasn’t happened and the world is infinitely worse off for it. “Technology, far from freeing up our lives, has been used to keep us working the same amount of time, benefitingContinue reading “Whatever Happened To The 15 Hour Work Week?”

The Idiot’s Guide To Class

The Wu-Tang Clan said it first in “C.R.E.A.M”—or maybe it was Marx. In a capitalist system, cash rules everything around us. Meaning cashflow is everything. Meaning the class you were born into is going to go a long way to shaping your experience and perceptions of this planet. Yet it is almost never talked about.Continue reading “The Idiot’s Guide To Class”

Amy Taylor’s Coronavirus Survival Guide

“If your way of being a rebel and fucking up society is to fuck yourself up, that’s just like cutting your dick off to spite your balls. Like, what are ya doin?” – Amy Taylor, Amyl and the Sniffers Breeeeeathe Cunt! (Wim Hoff)  I did Wim Hoff heaps on the first lockdown. That hit prettyContinue reading “Amy Taylor’s Coronavirus Survival Guide”

I Was 120 kg and Eating Myself To Death

My addiction to food started when I was a kid. I was abandoned by my mother and I locked that kid away and never grew up. I had to become a man really quickly from a very young age. My first drug was sugar. I’d steal food and stash it so I could eat allContinue reading “I Was 120 kg and Eating Myself To Death”

COMMENTARY: ‘MURICA! And What It Means for the Rest of Us

Can you believe it? The state of America right now? Factory workers feeding ‘emselves with food stamps. Small businesses shutting down en masse. Unemployment rates skyrocketing. More people dead from this mystery illness than anywhere on earth in a country home to more billionaires than anywhere on earth (more than China, Russia and Germany combined,Continue reading “COMMENTARY: ‘MURICA! And What It Means for the Rest of Us”

The Sickening Case of Little Dylan Voller

Have you heard about Dylan Voller? As an 11-year old he was beaten and humiliated at the hands of Alice Springs detention centre staff. Forced to sleep in his own piss, denied food and water and toilet breaks, restrained and beaten at regular intervals and racially abused and threatened with sexual abuse. Later, he wasContinue reading “The Sickening Case of Little Dylan Voller”

This Is What Militant Strike Action Looks Like

On the picket line of Brisbane’s War of the Wharves By Craig Braithwaite April 1998. Around midnight, on anything but a random Tuesday night, ex-military security guards wearing balaclavas and armed with attack dogs unloaded from a convoy of vans and mini busses and stormed the waterfront tower at Hamilton Bulk & GeneralPort,Brisbane. I wasContinue reading “This Is What Militant Strike Action Looks Like”

How Sydney Got Locked Out by Politics, Casinos, and Billion Dollar Bullshit

Somehow good intentions and big money have shaped a city few of us are proud of. By Jed Smith There’s so many stink lines coming off this thing it’s hard to know where to begin. So let’s go back to the start, when two young men were randomly attacked and killed in the early eveningContinue reading “How Sydney Got Locked Out by Politics, Casinos, and Billion Dollar Bullshit”

Life In a Tibetan Refugee Camp

By Jed Smith (All photos by the author) You hold it up to your eye, run your fingers across it, and try in vain to comprehend the time and care taken to create it. Traditional Tibetan jewellery is a trip. Surely up there with the greatest works of art our species has produced. All of itContinue reading “Life In a Tibetan Refugee Camp”

Introduce Yourself (Example Post)

This is an example post, originally published as part of Blogging University. Enroll in one of our ten programs, and start your blog right. You’re going to publish a post today. Don’t worry about how your blog looks. Don’t worry if you haven’t given it a name yet, or you’re feeling overwhelmed. Just click theContinue reading “Introduce Yourself (Example Post)”