The Revolution Will Be Internalised

There is a revolution underway and it will not be televised, as Gil Scott Heron famously predicted. It will be internalised.  The advent of podcasts, working in conjunction with quantum leaps in science, and a host of altruistic actors, is creating a deepening well of of information that has enabled everyone, regardless of race, class,Continue reading “The Revolution Will Be Internalised”

Behind The Veil of American Fascism with Robert F Kennedy Jr

The American capitalist regime will surely go down as one of the most murderous, duplicitous and hypocritical of all time. While declaring themselves the world’s foremost defenders of liberty, freedom and democracy, consecutive US governments have enabled dictators all over the world to do slaughter and torture with impunity to the tune of millions ofContinue reading “Behind The Veil of American Fascism with Robert F Kennedy Jr”