The Idiot’s Guide To Class

The Wu-Tang Clan said it first in “C.R.E.A.M”—or maybe it was Marx. In a capitalist system, cash rules everything around us. Meaning cashflow is everything. Meaning the class you were born into is going to go a long way to shaping your experience and perceptions of this planet. Yet it is almost never talked about.Continue reading “The Idiot’s Guide To Class”

COMMENTARY: ‘MURICA! And What It Means for the Rest of Us

Can you believe it? The state of America right now? Factory workers feeding ‘emselves with food stamps. Small businesses shutting down en masse. Unemployment rates skyrocketing. More people dead from this mystery illness than anywhere on earth in a country home to more billionaires than anywhere on earth (more than China, Russia and Germany combined,Continue reading “COMMENTARY: ‘MURICA! And What It Means for the Rest of Us”