Is Planned Obsolescence Humanity’s Worst Invention?

If you’ve ever visited a landfill, contemplated carbon emissions, complained about a faulty product you just purchased, or pitied the plight of poorly paid workers in developing countries, you’ve been touched by the controversial design concept known as Planned Obsolescence.  “The idea that manufacturers – and producers of goods – deliberately make goods that haveContinue reading “Is Planned Obsolescence Humanity’s Worst Invention?”

Rise of the Feminazi or Something More Sinister?

Among the more startling findings from early US election data is that 55% of white women voted for ex-President Donald Trump.  According to US exit polls – generated by a consortium of major media organisations, involving interviews with a representative sample of thousands of voters – white women (55%) were only slightly less likely thanContinue reading “Rise of the Feminazi or Something More Sinister?”